The personal attention and professionalism we have received from CiviOnline have far exceeded our expectations.

Using their services, we were able to collect several thousand dollars in donations that otherwise would have been difficult if not impossible. The CiviOnline team was able to provide us with excellent service and a fantastic product. When we told CiviOnline that we were only able to work with a certain payment processor, they went to bat for us and created a brand new module just to support integration for that processor.

Their service and product are superlative and we would recommend them to anyone.

— Kevin Oro-Hahn
Associate Director
Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing

Our non profit organization needed a CRM solution. We found one with a steep monthly fee and a somewhat complicated interface. Someone then recommended CiviOnline and we have been thrilled ever since. The service from CiviOnline is perfect for us and the friendly customer support is wonderful. The price we are paying for our site also happens to be a fraction of what we could have been paying and the tools they have provided have far more features than we had found elsewhere. We couldn’t be happier.

— Chaya Heller
Executive Director
Beit Natan — Women’s Cancer Support and Resource Center